Angular Vs React Vs Vue — Which One You should Opt for?

The comparison between Angular, React and Vue is a sizzling hot topic for the development community. Though React is a UI library, Angular is a complete frontend framework, and the younger Vue is deemed more of a progressive framework. Each one comes with its set of pros and cons. This blog will help you understand which is the best frontend java framework for your business needs.

Why do you need Angular, React, or Vue frontend developing JS frameworks??

These three are the most viable choices for the web development process. The frontend framework will govern everything about the website moving forward viz. speed, integration with other technologies, cost of development, performance and app speed, and much more. The framework is a developer helper, optimizing and reducing the code development process in general. This in return results in reduced development time and cost to bring the product to market. Software Framework consists of standardized pre-written codes, making specific functionalities easier and quicker.

Why JavaScript?

It is feasible to write frontend code in any language but browsers can only execute JS. Hence JavaScript is the optimal choice for frontend development. JavaScript is one of the best languages to pick for frontend development. It provides an array of functionalities for the creation of the desired UI of the webapp of the business. Java script has evolved for swift creation of intuitive user interface. There are a plethora of choices of JS framework and UI libraries to suit your business web app.

The pick of the bunch from all the frontend JavaScript frameworks are Angular, React & Vue.

Comparison among Angular, React & Vue — Your best pick:

Each framework comes with its strengths and weaknesses. Which framework aligns with your project goal is deductible with the help of comparison further elaborated in this blog.

Angular JS

It uses typescript, it is a superset of JavaScript a completely different programming language. Typescripts have capabilities of advanced refactoring, as well as can provide certain advantages such as navigation and autocompletion. The drawback with Angular JS is that you will need a team of Typescript developers to develop the frontend website or web application you are looking for. Angular JS was released by Google in 2010. Angular 7 is the latest version available.

Perks of Angular Framework:

MVC framework:

AngularJS is a Model-View-Whatever framework, traditionally it used to be an MVC (Model-View-Controller). For the same reason, the application is divided into three interconnected components. This helps developers to write well-structured code, which is beneficial for complex projects.

Templates for Angular Framework:

The templates for creating components are readable as they mostly use standard HTML tags.

Huge Community:

The framework has around 45k stars on Github and over 500.000 downloads on weekly basis from npm. The huge community ensures a variety of solutions for all the versions of AngularJS. The bigger the community more is the support from experienced developers and users.

Drawbacks of AngularJS:

Use of Typescript:

As a JS framework, Angular only uses the support of pure JavaScript. This framework was designed for use with Typescript. Typescript developed by Microsoft is a superset of JavaScript. The major drawback though is the time consumed in learning the modified syntax for using this language. A custom web application development company will already have experienced dedicated developers you can hire for the job.

Lesser render speed:

The limitation is the usage of shadow DOM and missing component ‘Virtual DOM’ that lowers the performance. Re-render or view rendering is slower in comparison to the performance of JS frameworks.


React is a creation to build UI with the help of JavaScript library. It is hugely supported by Facebook and Instagram and it is used as a core technology for the limitless feed on both timelines of these two applications. Being a JS library, React has a confined scope of usage, but most importantly when grouped with other libraries it deems to be a powerful solution.

Perks of React JS Framework:

Component Model:

No templates are used by React. Component logic is written in JS language, making it more flexible and enabling transfer of large amount of data through the web-app along with this maintaining state of the DOM. Now this framework is used in almost all frontend frameworks, but React was the one to introduce the component model.

Usage of functions:

Reacts learning curve is shorter as compared to Angular. Simplifying the codebase, application UI can be created on the basis of pure functions.

Data binding that is one-way:

This approach helps to make the view react to the changes registered in the model while the changes in the view itself won’t affect the model. This results in the flow of data in one-way, lessening the possibility of side effects.

Drawbacks of React:

Complex application structure:

React lacks a predefined structure which creates dependencies on the developer, as developer is responsible for providing the structure based on the knowledge and experience.

Longer Learning Curve:

React involves longer learning time as compared to Angular and Vue. Besides, React developers need to be familiar with other libraires and modules for better performance and results. You always have the option to hire dedicated developer from a custom web application development company if React serves your purpose.

Vue js

Vue is mainly a progressive framework for UI building.

Perks of Vue.js Framework:

Declarative Templates:

Templates used in Vue.js are written in HTML. This makes them easy to read without use of any knowledge of other programming languages used.

Two-way binding of data:

Vue.js syncs automatically, the entire model with the DOM.

Pure JavaScript:

Developers or test engineers don’t need to learn any other programming language, as Vue.js uses pure JavaScript.

Shorter learning curve:

As compared to Angular or React, Vue.js is simplest to learn and to start working on. In addition, Vue.js gives you the option to work on the project step by step.

Drawbacks of Vue.js:

Small community:

Vue is less popular as compared to Angular and React. However, support of other community members can always be counted on.

Limitation with Library count:

Fewer users, fewer libraries, lesser solutions.

Roots from China:

This framework came into existence by Evan You, a former Angular developer. This is a new framework with its origins in China. Resulting in documentations from some third-party libraries being in only Chinese. These factors deem as a limitation more of, as the official documentation is entirely in English.

Few suggestions for you being a custom web application company:

Why choose Angular?

  • Only for complex projects
  • Need of reliability and scalability
  • Need of Angular developer with the expertise of Typescript

Why choose React?

  • Mid-level ease of front-end usage
  • A lot of reusable content
  • Crucial importance of performance and scalability with tight deadlines

Why choose Vue?

  • Project is on the smaller side
  • High performance needed
  • Unskilled frontend developer will also be useful who has JavaScript framework knowledge
  • Shorter learning curve.


JavaScript frameworks are miracle workers when it comes to building user interfaces. These offer quick and robust development solutions. You can build sophisticated interfaces to optimize the possibilities for your client websites or web applications. These frontend JS frameworks are lightweight, intuitive and have flawless performance. As per your business or project needs, you can select a best-suited framework for your website or web app.

Originally published at on December 13, 2021.




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